Course of Care

Course of Care
Midwife Pregnancy care is Fully Funded by Alberta Health Services
  • For approximately 10 months a midwife from your team is available to answer any of your questions.
  • Regular scheduled visits in our clinic allows time for physical assessment, questions, discussion & teaching on topics such as nutrition, discomforts of pregnancy, prenatal classes, and signs of labor & baby care.
  • Your midwife will attend you during labour and birth either in your home, in the Birth Center, or in any of the 3 hospitals in Calgary.
  • Using her skill & knowledge she will continually assess the well-being of you & your baby & monitor the progress of your labor.
  • At the time of birth a second midwife will attend & both midwives will remain with you until both you & your baby are stable.
  • One of your team will visit you at home at least 3 times and more if necessary in the first week after the birth, to assist you with breastfeeding, teach & advise & monitor the health of you & your baby.
  • You & your baby are seen by your midwife at 2 weeks, to make sure breastfeeding is going well & that your baby is gaining weight.
  • At 6 weeks you have your final visit with your midwife, when a full examination of both you & your baby is carried out.

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