Tiffany Harrison

Tiffany Harrison, RM

Harmony - Team 1


My name is Tiffany Harrison and I am a solo midwife within the Harmony Team.

When I began my journey into motherhood, I remember being in awe of my body’s strength and wisdom to grow and birth new life. My passion for helping families on their journey into parenthood revealed itself after being the recipient of amazing support during my birth and postpartum periods.

Being a Registered Midwife in Alberta allows me the privilege of supporting pregnant people during a pivotal point in their lives. It is my belief that every family deserves a gentle, safe birth, one in which they are supported in their informed decisions – a corner stone in midwifery care!

I look forward to working with families during this exciting time and participating in the care of their new babies. I am humbled and carry a deep gratitude for all the people who have allowed me and who continue to allow me to be a part of their experiences and to my fellow midwives who gift me with their wisdom and support. 

I am currently serving as the President of the College of Midwives of Alberta (CMA), one of the pillars that supports midwifery care in Alberta through the regulation and setting of standards of practice of midwives.

When not providing care to clients, or serving on the CMA council, I enjoy spending time with my adult children or walking my dogs in nature. I am blessed to have the love and support of a large community of family, friends and colleagues supporting me in this profession I love dearly.

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