Jeneve Edwards

Jeneve Edwards

South Calgary Midwives - Team 2

My journey into midwifery began many years ago when I set out to pursue a career in kinesiology. The body has always been a fascinating thing to me, and I always knew I wanted a career in an area of health care that promoted individual’s advocating for healthy lifestyles instead of treating their ailments. As I neared the end of my degree I began to take a big interest in the mother baby dyad and focused my studies in this area. However, before I had even completed my degree I knew I wanted to be more involved in prenatal and postpartum health care. During this time the midwifery program at Mount Royal University opened and I truly felt I had found the perfect fit to pursue this path. After graduating from kinesiology, I applied for the midwifery program and was fortunate enough to be accepted and after four years of hard work I accomplished my dream of becoming a midwife.

In my hours outside of being a midwife, I am an individual who loves the outdoors and all it has to offer. I grew up in a small town outside of Calgary called Bragg Creek where my passion for outdoor adventuring began. I also enjoy painting and crocheting when I need to exercise the creative side of my brain. I come from a big family who have taught me the importance of laughing loud, crying hard and appreciating each moment in life. They have been my pillars of support throughout my midwifery journey and have made me who I am today.

I truly believe that pregnancy and child birth is a transformative experience which can be greatly impacted by the care a family receives. I am a huge advocate for informed choice and individualizing care to help empower families to make the best decisions to meet their needs. I am honored and excited to be to be able to provide care to the families of Calgary and surrounding areas and look forward to meeting you all!

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