Jeannette Page

Jeannette Page, RM

Harmony Team 1

I have been a midwife since 2000. I trained in New Zealand in an apprenticeship model with midwives and doctors. I have been blessed to work with many inspirational practitioners whose loving hands guide my work. My studies took me from the top of New Zealand to the bottom and throughout the Pacific Islands. I have also practiced in the community and in hospitals in Vancouver.

As a midwife, and as a mother who has experienced midwifery care, I understand that birth represents a transformative experience for a family that should be cherished and protected by care providers. I believe that facilitating the best possible, most respectful beginning for a family will plant a seed of confidence that they can carry with them throughout their entire journey. I consider being a small part of that journey the greatest privilege of my work.


I grew up in Calgary, and truly feel that I am at home here with my husband and three little boys and the wonderful midwives at Birth Partnership.

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