Deepa Upadhyaya

Deepa Upadhyaya

Locums and Students

Having a child is one of life’s greatest milestones. People come into parenthood from unique backgrounds and there is not just one way to give birth. I became a midwife to increase choices for women and families.

I am a US trained midwife and nurse. I have a Masters Degree in Nurse Midwifery from Oregon Health Sciences University (Portland, OR 2001) and a Bachelors Degree in Nursing from Metropolitan State University (St. Paul, MN 1999).

I have been lucky enough to practice midwifery and nursing in many places around the world including: British Columbia, Ireland, Scotland, and the US states of Oregon, Washington, and Minnesota. I met my Irish husband while volunteering in Afghanistan as a midwife with MSF (Médecins sans Frontières = Doctors without Borders). Both of our marvelous daughters were born with the skilled and gentle help of midwives.

We moved to British Columbia from Scotland at the end of 2007 and recently have relocated to Calgary, AB (summer 2014). I love the holistic approach to Midwifery in here in Canada.

Along with part-time work at Birth Partnership, I also work as an assistant professor in Bachelors Program in Midwifery at Mt. Royal University. I am truly grateful for all the remarkable opportunities that have come my way.

In addition to midwifery and family time, my other passions are running, yoga, piano, and vegetable gardening. I also love to write and have several writing projects going all the time.


I look forward to helping you welcome your child. I consider it an honor to be invited to care for families during this amazing time.

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