Anne-Marie Brash

Anne-Marie Brash

South Calgary Midwives - Team 2

Calgary has been ‘home’ now since 2011. I moved here from Scotland with my four children to pursue my career as a Midwife. Midwifery care is standard practice in Scotland…..but nothing beats the continuity and choices that Canadian women receive when they are cared for by Midwives!  

I began my training in 2007 following the beautiful home birth of my youngest son. I was cared for by such an amazing team of community midwives and they all really inspired me to change my career path so that I too could give a woman and her family the care they deserved. Prior to becoming a midwife my work focus was in food and nutrition mainly in the food industry and latterly in health care settings providing nutritional advice to young disadvantaged families.

Attending births, caring for a woman and her family, becoming friends and being involved in such an intense relationship when witnessing a baby being delivered into this world can never be described as a ‘job’! To me it is a privilege to be involved and I love building trusting relationship with families and being a part of one of the most important life changing events that they will go through. I can’t wait to be a small part of your story!

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