Ali Reimer

Ali Reimer

South Calgary Midwives - Team 1

While completing my psychology degree, a passion for of birth pulled me towards midwifery. Before beginning my midwifery degree in New Zealand, I worked as a birth and postpartum doula as well as a breastfeeding educator. I graduated from the Midwives College of Utah in 2009 and my education was further enriched through my practicum with wonderful midwives in Calgary. Trained and inspired by their example of listening and respecting, I am moved to empower women to find and make the choices that are best suited for them and their families.

The water birth of my daughter is without a doubt one of my most potent learning experiences. Enduring this physically challenging experience, I was shocked by the powerful driving force of labor and the instinctive ability of my body to reach beyond the pictures and text of theory. The instant that my husband placed her on my chest, endurance was replaced with euphoria and wonder at the miracle of birth. Having supportive midwives by my side reaffirmed my commitment to provide holistic, compassionate, family-centered care to support the transformation to motherhood and the birth of a family.

Working in partnership with women and their families through their unique, sacred experience is a joy and an honor. I look forward to sharing in your journey.

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