About Us

About Us
Birth Partnership Midwives work as a team, sharing a common philosophy of midwifery care. They support and encourage each other's individual beliefs and values.

Our midwives work in teams of “primary midwives”, to offer families personalized care, continuity and choices, while maintaining access to the entire team of midwives for back-up and support. Our relationship is one of partnership with the woman, her family and each other.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have chosen Birth Partnership as your caregivers. It is an honor and a privilege to be your midwives and we look forward to a positive birth experience with each and every one of you!

Birth Partnership Midwives would like to acknowledge their original founders and partners, Bobbie Fraser and Arlette Allyjan. Bobbie and Arlette retired after dedicating themselves to midwifery for over 30 years. Both are British trained midwives, who after immigrating to Canada, worked as obstetrical nurses on labour and delivery units. In 1991 both Bobbie and Arlette were part of the Foothills Hospital Nurse Midwifery Program that provided care to over 800 families. They subsequently were part of the first group of midwives to be registered in the province of Alberta.

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